Sunday, December 14, 2008

here comes the cold...

in the past month...

1. i have missed being at home.
2. i have finished up a semester of my sophomore year.
3. i have eaten a lot of pecan pie.
4. i have realized that in the time that it takes me to do all of the dishes in our suite, i usually can come up with a solution to all of the worlds problems. but by the time i get done, i can't remember any of them.
5. i have realized that i'm so ready to grow up that it's unhealthy and i'm missing out on present life.
6. i have realized that i don't like being alone as much as i use to.
7. i have started 4 books. and finished none.
8. i have missed being around kindergarteners on a regular basis and being called miss cady.
9. i have realized that, contrary to what i originally thought, i mock zach a lot more than he mocks me.
10. i have realized that i don't tell people that i appreciate them as much as i should.

...and we'll all be safe til st.patricks day.
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