Thursday, December 24, 2009

miles stones and celebrations.

this past saturday zach graduated from arkansas tech with his bachelors degree. although he's been off doing an internship this semester and it feels like he's already done with college, it was still nice to see him officially graduate and pass such an important life mile stone.

today we celebrated christmas with food, fellowship, and watching old home videos with family. contrary to the past few days, old man winter has finally decided to pay northwest arkansas a visit. what would christmas be without a little wintery weather?! the weathermen are all excited and calling for 8-10 inches for tomorrow. my past experiences with weathermen tell me that they might be exaggerating...but we can always hope!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

christmas cheer.

the christmas season is officially upon us! i have been so excited for christmas to come around this year and soak in all the fun that comes with this time of year. 3 finals stand between me and a much needed month-long break. we're almost there!

during finals week you have lots of free time to either a) study or b) work on lots and lots of crafty projects. thankfully my finals aren't anything you need to study for so i'm spending this week working on projects! i've recently been on this kick where i want to cover everything or make everything out of felt. it's so easy to work with and you can do nearly anything with it! how fun is this iphone cover? if i had an iphone, i would definitely be making this!

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