Sunday, August 2, 2015

after a 4 year hiatus...

i stumbled onto an old blog post the other day and suddenly got a bit nostalgic. and then i realized that it has been 4 years (!!!!!) since i have written a post! wow! i have loved being able to look back over the posts that i have made and see how different i am now and reminisce about life back when these posts were published.

because let me tell you, life has changed just a bit!

since my last post....
zach and i got married (may 21, 2011).

i have completed 4 years of teaching 2nd grade and will start year 5 this friday!

we bought our first house in march of 2012.

we've added two fur-babies to the mix. maggie & riley. 

the past 4 years have been filled full of adventures, job changes, travels, family, and friends. but our greatest adventure will be here in just a few short weeks...

in just 5 weeks we will be adding a sweet baby boy to our family! we are so excited, nervous, anxious, and thrilled. 

i'm hoping to make these blog posts and bit more frequent (at least not 4 years apart!). i know that time is about to start moving even faster, and i want to be able to look back and remember the day-to-day celebrations and milestones. 

i have lots of sewing, classroom, and home projects to share as well! so watch out blogger-land--i'm back!

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