about chelsea.

i've got a lot going on in my mind these days and while i wish i could verbally say everything that i think, my brain and my mouth don't like to cooperate on most days and i find myself speaking in half sentences and making little sense at all. but the beauty of writing is that you can sit down, think, and edit your words and tailor them until they are the perfect fit.

i have a lot of hobbies. well, i have a lot of interests that i consider hobbies. things like sewing and folk music and creating treasures from something i would otherwise consider trash. i enjoy a cup of coffee every morning, i love the feel of a newspaper in my hands, and i love inspirational quotes, even if they're cheesy. this little corner of the world is dedicated to just that: my interests. most of my interests include using needle and thread to create little tidbits of art in various forms.

along with these hobby-type interests, i have personal-type interests as well. these include my husband zach, my son easton, being a 2nd grade teacher, and sharing life's adventures with my family and friends.

this blog is a place for me to spill out all of those extra tidbits of information, inspiration, and experiences that i am left with at the end of the day. and nothing would make me more happy than to have you share all of that with me. 
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