Monday, July 27, 2009


goodness gracious, it's been nearly forever and a day since i've updated. i think sometimes you have so much to update about that you can't find the words to use. that's why i'm going to try and do this through pictures.

1. this summer i've worked with the city doing camps for kids. i can't believe that this is the last week of camps! it's been so fun working with the kids and watching them learn new activities. here are a few of my little campers during horse camp a few weeks ago.

2. this is my new family:this is amber, my sister lindsey, kyle and i out at my great aunts house. kyle and amber are our cousins and after their mom passed away a few weeks ago, they are now living with us.

3. my great grandmother (mamaw) passed away last week. it was a beautiful service and it was so amazing to see how one person could bring so many people together. my favorite part of the service was when anyone who wanted to say something about her could get up and speak. my aunt got up and told about how, even after her husband had been passed away for 20 plus years and she was over 80 years old, she would still get out the old love letters he had written her and she would giggle and tell you the story of how she made papaw fall in love with her. i just really loved that. now she's with him again, reliving those love letters and giggling.

sister lindsey and i at my aunts house over the weekend while we all celebrated mamaw's life.

4. this has been my summer project:

this was my grandmas bike and earlier this summer my grandpa gave it to me to restore and use. it was covered in dirt and rust and with some help from a pretty darn good boyfriend, a new coat of paint, and a lot of elbow grease, i now have this little bike to cruise around on.
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