Wednesday, November 4, 2015

two months.

on November 3, you turned 2 months old, easton! 

This month has been so very sweet. You have started smiling and cooing and interacting with us more! We are starting to see your sweet little personality peak through!

You love watching the mobile on your swing, "talking" while we change your diaper, & watching ceiling fans. 

We {hopefully} have your acid reflux figured out and that has been a true game changer--much less crying and much less pain for you! Praise the Lord!!

You weren't super pumped about being dressed up as a fisherman for your first Halloween. Hopefully that will change because your dad has big plans to take you fishing later on in your life!
We sure love you, big guy!!

one month.

easton, on october 3 you turned one month old! (yes, i'm a bit behind--it's been a busy month!).
your first month has been a joy-filled challenge. you have battled acid reflux this month and we have tried endless things to help you feel better. 
a lot of our month has looked like this...

it's hard to think of our lives before you got here! 

right now you really like looking at ceiling fans, eating all of the time, and being awake at all hours of the night. 

you HATE any and all swaddles & despise having your diaper and clothes changed.

you've been on several walks, taken your first bath, & like car rides.

and while at times this month has seemed like the longest of our lives, we know that the days are long and the years are short. and even though it's been a challenging month, we still think you're a keeper. 

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