Wednesday, May 18, 2011

and here we are.

oh, my little blog. i have missed coming here more than i thought i did. the passed couple of months have been filled with sweet second grade faces, lesson planning, paper grading, house hunting, lease signing, gift registering, graduating, envelope licking, invite sending, and wedding crazy-ness. wheeew. and in between it all i have left very little time for myself to sit, think, or create.

i've realized during this spell of "creative dryness" that i have to have some sort of extrinsic creative activity going on in my life in order to keep myself sane. i've missed coming to this little spot, if only a few times a week, to let myself type all of the little details and thoughts that are collected though out each day.

the wedding countdown is down to 2 days. yes, 2 days. that means we're in the middle of the wedding-tornado. this tornado is filled with ribbon and flowers and lots of final decisions to be made. but in two days, zach and i will be married, i will finally be able to breath, and i can finally get back into taking time to create once again.

i hope you haven't given up on this little corner of the web-o-sphere. i have some ideas that will be coming here soon, including a re-launching of a completely new knotted needle store. i'm excited about all of the little changes that are currently creating this new life of mine!
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