Wednesday, February 24, 2010


i have loved this day.
i was productive and got things done.
my kids at the boys and girls club were great and we did a fun project.
i had the best white chocolate mocha at starbucks this evening with friends.
i laughed in class today until i almost cried.
i was greeted by the sun this afternoon as i drove to work and almost had to roll my window down. almost.
i started re-reading revelations. i use to be scared to read this book of the bible. i've prayed about it and have decided to re-read through it again over the next month.
i ate a blt. i think that a blt can pretty much make any day better.

what a lovely wednesday.

1 comment:

  1. sounds like a PERFECT wednesday!!!
    you are one pretty girl and seem so happy with life and all that it has to offer :)
    your blog is fun and upbeat!
    you have a new follower darling little miss :)


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