Monday, October 25, 2010

today was that day.

i love the changing of seasons. even when we’re transferring from a season that i love to one that i don’t enjoy, i love the transition period and i especially love the first day that you begin to notice that change. and today was that day.

today i walked by myself alone to class. this is a rare occasion considering i have every single class with 2 out of 3 of my roommates. but this rare occasion gave me the chance to see the changes that have been going on in my little world.

half way through my walk to class, the wind began to pick up and all of the lifeless leaves were plucked from their home on the branches and were sent swirling through the air. it was absolutely magical looking, like the sky was snowing leaves and I was caught in the snow-globe. and in that very moment i just wanted everything to freeze. i wanted to take a video in my head that would replay that exact moment just like I remembered it. because in that moment it dawned on me how much i had missed changing while I was busy inside of my little world. 

the mind is a curious thing due to the fact that one small detail can trigger a whole slue of thoughts. this sudden gust of wind that turned my world, if only for a second, into a magical scene and the realization of the world changing around me, struck something deep in me: if i’m so oblivious of the seasons changing, what other things have i missed while I was caught up worrying about projects, getting a job after I graduate, etc, etc, etc?

and then my thought pattern shifted into thinking about the stage of life that I am in right now and the stage of life that i am about to enter into.  i’m about to jump into a lot of unknowns in my life and be surrounded by things that I am completely unfamiliar with. things like marriage, and having a grown up job, and living with a boy (the latter I am probably most unprepared for). and while i’m excited about this phase of unknown excitement that awaits, leaving this particular season of life is bittersweet. growing up in general is a bittersweet transition and the first day that you realize that that transition is taking place is always the scariest. and today was that day.

...and all because of a 5 minute walk to class. 

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