Tuesday, April 7, 2009

swing batter batter...

every year (or at least the past two years) i always say that i'm not going to play intramural softball. but then i do. and i don't enjoy it...the participation part at least. i like my team and i really enjoy watching...but the whole playing thing just doesn't fit me. 

the bandits are real intense. 

we rep the bandits.

i don't have any sweet pics of the rookies cause i'm usually in the field diving for fly balls. (aka the dugout). 

in other news...
this weekend was filled with lots of traveling. first, zach and i made the trek home to northwest arkansas on friday morning because zach had a job interview that afternoon (which he got!! yay!) we came back friday evening and fell asleep to how i met your mother. 

saturday danielle and i decided to make a run to conway. little zach's art show was saturday night and, regrettably, i have no pictures of the show.
danielle and i then decided to betty crocker it up and make some cookies. unfortunately, we forgot that they were in the oven and they came out looking like this:



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