Tuesday, May 19, 2009

side A complete. insert other side of cassette.

summer is here which means that i have successfully completed half of my college career. the past two years have been so different from each other that it makes me wonder how different next year will be. but i'm ready. i'm excited for new adventures, relationships, and obstacles.

now i have plotted myself in siloam springs for the summer. i didn't realize how much i love this little town. my summer days have been filled with unpacking, trips to the jbu gym, driving to centerton to see zach, cheering on kris allen in american idol, razorback baseball, celebrating the graduation of friends and family, experiencing "dover lights" for the first time, happy hour at the siloam sonic, getting to watch the 10am episodes of gilmore girls, and catching up with my family. this summer feels like it's going to be a relaxing one.

oh, and i got a job! thank goodness! i'll be working with siloam springs parks and recreation doing day camps for kids. i start the first of june so it's nice to have a little break before starting to work the rest of the summer.

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