Saturday, May 23, 2009

jive talkin.

this evening was one of those evenings that lets you know that you're doing something right with your life.

as i was heading home from bentonville tonight, i decided to stop at the piolet gas station to get a drink before conquering the drive home. first off, i walked into the gas station and was greeted by a large frozen cappucino machine. side note: my dear friend danielle and i always use to get frozen coffee while we were in russellville at school at a local gas was kind of our special little thing. last weekend we went to get one and the machine had been removed!! we were devastated, so you can imagine my excitement to see the frozen coffee machine at this gas station tonight. so i got my coffee, paid the cashier, and walked out to my car. as i got back in my car, i looked back into the gas station window and saw a small set of eyes looking at me. a little freaked out at first, i looked again and saw a little head pop up in the window. the little girl looked familiar and finally it clicked in my head...i had the girl in my cabinet at camp war eagle exactly one year ago. i went back in and talked to the girl (named marissa) for a little bit. i asked her about camp, school, and other little small talk. i felt bad telling marissa that i wouldn't be returning this year. we said our goodbyes and as i walked out the door, i heard the little girl yell " hey miss chelsea...i really wish you were going to be at camp this year. you were my favorite counselor."

and that's what it's all about.

last year when i was at camp there were so many times that i just wanted to go home, but had i gone home, i wouldn't have met so many great campers like marissa. i realized that last summer was about nothing other than touching kids lives. it wasn't about checking my mailbox 75 times a day to see if i had gotten a letter, racing to the craft room to finish my pottery projects, or thinking of different ways to get to go home for the summer. if only it hadn't taken a year to realize all of that...

but tonight made me realize how excited i am to be a teacher full of little kids just like marissa. i can't wait!

so, i got back into my car with my 22oz of frozen cappucino, turned on my radio on headed home. "jive talkin" by the beegees came on and it put me into an exceptionally good mood. i think it's because it reminded me of an episode of gilmore girls where lorelai is in her jeep dancing to the song (uh, yeah...i'm a pretty big fan). so i turned up the beegees, pulled out of the parking lot, and headed to good ole siloam.

it's funny how in five short minutes you can realize so much.


  1. ohhh the frozen cappuccinos! i miss them!

    i'm glad little marissa was able to touch your life in return to you touching hers. :)

    misses and loves!

  2. you are going to be a phenomonal teacher, i just know it. i almost wish i could go back in time just to be in your class. =)

    umm danielle has a blog ^. WHAT UP. she has come to the dark side. =)

  3. ummm yes, i have wanted that for many-a-years now..i may even retire there one day, but yes this MUST HAPPEN!

    SUMMER 2010 BABY! :)

    i'm glad kels said i came to the dark side. ha


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