Thursday, August 13, 2009

forget your troubles, come on get happy.

the other night i could not sleep for the life of me. i flipped through the channels and ran across a judy garland movie marathon on tcm. i'm a big judy garland fan as well as a fan of nearly any old movie. the movie playing was called "the clock" and it turned out to be another typical, yet wonderful old movie.

the plot line is some what cheesy: a young girl meets a young military man aboard and train, they spend one magical evening together only to find out that the next day he is to head over seas. their love just cannot wait so he proposes, she says yes, and they are in a race against the clock to get married before he ships out. and at the end of the movie he does just that, he ships out. and that's it. you never know how the couples lives go. does he die in war? do they get divorced? does she meet another man on her next train ride? we just don't know. i think that's why i like old movies so much. they always leave you hanging and you can imagine in the ending however you want it to be. the writer doesn't make your mind up for you.

okay, now back to the 21st century.

summer 2009...check.
what a fast summer! i can only hope the school year decides to fly by as fast!

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  1. I disagree!! I HATE movies like that. It drives me crazy. I need Closure. I will forever HATE "Gone with the Wind" because he leaves at the end. I can't handle not knowing what is going to happen.
    I do love old movies though. I watched some Carey Grant movies last Sunday, they had happy endings, just like I like. :)
    I might have to look into "the Clock" since you say it is good.


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