Tuesday, August 18, 2009

hot hot heat.

welp, it's that time again. i once again find myself in russellville arkansas, the city that seems to constantly rain, has more humidity than i ever thought possible, and is perfectly situated between the "big" cities of little rock and fort smith so that you can't pick up radio stations from either. okay okay, russellville's not that bad, but this year will most definitely be different. adjusting to the dorm life again is something that i'm not looking forward to, but my roommate, kate, and i are beginning to get things settled.

seeing people that i haven't seen in months has been nice, but i miss home already. i think i'm ready to start classes to get my mind off of it. my first two years i was so ready to come back and this year i felt the opposite.

it'll be a challenge, but challenges make you stronger.

1 comment:

  1. Welcome to JR year.... a lot of not fun things happening, but by then end, you only have 1 year left!! :)
    YOU CAN DO IT!! :)


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