Saturday, January 30, 2010


seeing as though russellville has accumulated about 6 inches 
of snow in the past 2 days, i think it's safe to call this the
snow storm of 2010. as much as i love the snow when it's
falling and the first morning that you wake up and see
everything blanketed in white, i could deal without the
muddy, watery, dirty melting process.

snow days are always nice because it's a free day to do nothing.
you haven't had time to make plans so you don't feel bad when
you stay in your pajamas until noon. or find it unnecessary to shower
for the day.

so tonight, i'm going to continue to be lazy and snuggle up
in my snuggie (they may look silly, but they keep you cozy!), watch
all of the wedding/fashion shows on TLC, and catch up on some reading (a tree
grows in brooklyn).

goodbye snow, it's been nice for you to visit for awhile.

1 comment:

  1. Hope you enjoyed your lazy day! See you in Block 1 bright and early Monday morning.


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