Thursday, January 7, 2010

welcome 2010.

christmas is over, the new years ball has been dropped, and we find ourselves at the beginning of a new decade. winter seems to be in full blast here seeing as though there as been snow on the ground since christmas eve. i've been in lazy mode the past few days, but when there's snow outside and the temperature has dropped into the teens, i find it okay to stay cozy inside.

yesterday i ventured out of the house to spend some time over coffee with two of my friends, ally and alison. both are encouraging people that have such a passion for whatever they do. it was so fun to catch up with them and be encouraged by the love that they have for people and for Christ.

alison friend.

ally friend.

currently i'm working on a list of things i wish to accomplish in 2010. today when i was reading through different blogs, i ran across this picture from the blog an open sketchbook.

so instead of making resolutions this year, i'm going to attempt to not fear failure. hopefully in january 2011, i can say that i did just that.

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