Wednesday, March 24, 2010

spring break.

i really really love spring break. it comes at just the right time of the year. everyone's exhausted, stressed, and cranky from school. what a wonderful idea someone had to create spring break!

my plans for this break were to get lots and lots of homework done so that i could have an easy rest of the semester. the problem with spring break is that it's just really tempting to just relax and forget about school. so, needless to say, i haven't gotten quite as much work done as i had anticipated. but i'm really enjoying this relaxing week.

tomorrow roommate/friend/bridesmaid kate is coming for a visit. we are going to try on wedding/bridesmaid dresses, ohh and ahh over other wedding decisions, and probably giggle a lot. i'm real excited.

ps- we booked our wedding photographer! we met with them this weekend and zach and i both knew that they were exactly who we wanted to capture our wedding day. check them out at

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