Sunday, March 7, 2010


even though it's a week late, i finally got the pictures from zach's camera from the night we got engaged and decided to post them anyways. seeing as though i've been through 3 computers in 2 years, i thought it might be a good idea to have these pictures and memories posted somewhere just in case. 

the sudden change in weather has caused my mood to shift as well. 
i really believe that the sunshine effects your mood and the sunshine over the past 2 days has already gotten me out of the "winter slump". my fingers are crossed that the sun continues to make an appearance throughout this week. 

friday night zach and i had our usual friday night dinner/game night with our married friends bentley and spencer. bentley was sweet and got us a cake from rick's bakery in fayetteville that said "congratulations zach and chelsea". it was super yummy and we were very appreciative towards are sweet sweet friends. 

wedding planning has officially begun. lots of visiting of locations, browsing through wedding blogs and magazines, and talking through how we want our wedding to look. we've set our date for may 21, 2011. even though we have 14 months, lots of places want us to book at least a year in advance to guarantee that we secure that location. it's stressful, fun, exciting, and all around joyful. 

i think i'm going to like this whole engagement thing. 

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  1. Chelsea, we are both getting married on the same day! That is so crazy! And yes, people and places fill up fast, even over a year ahead of time. It's super fun to plan though. This was random, but my jaw dropped when I saw your wedding date :)


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