Monday, March 15, 2010

time change.

as hard as it is to get use to time change sometimes, i'm really thankful that it has come back around. i really like having longer evenings...i seem to get more things done.

after a couple of weekends of busy-ness, hectic-ness, and crazy-ness, it was really great to have this past weekend that was calm and relaxing. zach and i enjoyed a day in rogers that involved a trip to the jewelry store, eating samples at sam's, shopping for nice work jeans for zach, and eating chick-fil-a. that evening we decided to go watch alice in wonderland. we both decided that it was a great movie and should definitely be seen in 3D. wearing the 3D glasses was fun too. I imagined looking at the audience that we were in and comparing it to one of those old 1950's pictures where everyone has 3D glasses on.

it was just a really great weekend.

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