Tuesday, April 20, 2010


i've always wanted to be a runner. one of those people that runs everyday and actually enjoys it. instead i'm the type of person that despises running and is nearly afraid of it. but things are about to change...

my dear friends kate and gentry and i were talking about how we want to become runners. gentry and i are on the same page on the hatred of running while kate's pretty athletic and doesn't mind a good run every now and then. we decided that we're going to start jogging/walking/running little by little. our goal is to build up so that we can do a 5k easily. today was day 1 and we jogged a mile and then walked a mile. i learned 3 things about running today:

1. running is all in your breathing. kate shared this little secret with us today. if you keep a good rhythm breathing, it's much easier to get through your run.

2. the music that you listen to and where you run is key. i've always tried running with music that will "pump me up" and is up beat. this evening i tried running to something a little more calming and it was so much better to jog to! also, we decided to run outside on a path that's covered with trees. it was much better scenery than a gym with lots of buff people around.

3. it's so much more fun to run when you have friends with you. even though we all had our ipods in when we were jogging, it's so much more fun to have people with you so that you push one another.

even though it's only been one day and we still have a long ways to go, i think my relationship with running is already changing a bit. we might be able to be friends after all.

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