Monday, April 26, 2010

summer projects.

because i'm completely exhausted and can't think of much to blog about this evening, i'll share a list of sewing projects that i have collected over the passed few weeks. my plans are to try out all of these cute little projects this summer while i have ample amounts of free time. we'll see how that goes!

if i were the type of person that called things "presh", i would definitely describe these baby shoes as just that. i have several friends and family members that are expecting or just had babies so now i have an excuse to try these cuties out. 

i can't wait to make a cute apron! i don't do a lot of cooking now, but i think if i made a cute apron it would be more of an incentive to get cooking. i'm thinking a cute floral print on this would just be adorable. 

i've been wanting to make a cute tote bag for so long now that it's nearly ridiculous. 

i love scarves. and i love love love ruffles. what a perfect combo to try out!

now, if i could only bypass the next 2 weeks and head straight into getting started into these projects!

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