Tuesday, May 11, 2010

hola summer.

before the end of the semester i decided to take a two week blogging break so that i could focus on finals, projects, and all of the extra odds and ends that come with the end of the school year. well, finals have all been taken, projects have all been submitted, and it's officially summer break!

every year i like to make a "to-do" list for summer. not a "you-have-to-get-this-done" type of to do list, but a "it-would-really-be-great-if-i-did-this-this-summer" type of list. here it goes for summer 2010:
  • make lots and lots of fun sewing projects
  • take more pictures
  • ride my bike to work *(see additional comments below)
  • learn a little more on the mandolin
  • read adult books vs. the hundreds of children's books that i read during the school year.
  • visit friends
  • plan weekend trips to various places
  • find crafty ideas for the wedding. 
  • cook yummy food. 
and the list goes on and on. it's a continual work in progress. 

* comments on the bike: so, you may remember that last summer i decided to turn my grandmas old bicycle into a project, and with some help from zach, some elbow grease, and a fresh coat of paint, the old bike had a new life breathed into it. but, what i didn't realize was that when you have an old bike, you're going to have lots of problems. 
my bikes problems: the wheels were wobbly, the brakes didn't work so well, the gears didn't shift, and riding for more than 10 minutes would result in lots of sweat, loss of breath, and a pinch of frustration. 

BUT, i have a sweet fiance that is always thinking of ways to surprise me and who is really great at finding good deals on craigslist. so now i have a REAL bike that will go up hills with ease, has gears that shift smoothly, and is perfect for the many bike rides that will ensue over the summer.

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