Monday, September 27, 2010

alison in ireland.

i have always wanted to go to ireland. when i think about this country i picture rolling, luscious, green hills, enjoying an afternoon of tea with friends, and soaking in every inch of history that ireland has to offer. 

well, unfortunately i don't have a trip to ireland planned in my near future. instead, i am living vicariously through my sweet friend alison who is currently there studying abroad for the semester. she gets to wake up every morning and soak in the ireland air.

{enjoying fall on jbu campus last year}

the past few weeks i have been collecting fun quotes, pictures, etc to send to alison in a little packet. i've been constantly searching for different things to send her. i love getting mail and packages and i can't wait to send this to her!

have you ever sent someone a fun package who was in a different state or country? what did you send them? i need some more ideas please!!


  1. How sweet of you! I am sure she is going to love your package. It is so awesome to get packages when you are abroad! Maybe you could include some of her favorite candy or gum that is hard to get in Ireland? As a gum person, I had a hard time finding good gum in Ireland.

    What a nice friend you are! :)

  2. When my family lived in Hawaii growing up, my grandma used to tease us by sending us little notes written on napkins from Wendys, Chik-fil-a, etc. (Because those chains weren't available on Oahu while we lived there.)

    Does Alison have a favorite restaurant from home that you could include a napkin or paper menu or something to include in her package? Just a little reminder of home?


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