Wednesday, September 1, 2010

apartment living.

can i just start by saying that i really really REALLY love living in my new apartment. seriously. i don't know how i ever crammed all of my junk into a dorm room. having an entire room, a living room, and a kitchen is so fun. i'm getting spoiled.

my roommates and i have had lots of fun the past two weeks making this little apartment feel like home. we've made lots of trips to goodwill, tj maxx, and hobby lobby. and somewhere between the spray paint, old picture frames, and various trinkets, i think we're cozying into this space.

my personal favorites in the apartment include:
1. embroidery hoop collage in my room. 
i haven't quite positioned these little boogers quite right yet, but i'm getting there. thank you for inspiration!

2. fun throw pillows on the couch. 
thank you tj maxx and crafty roommate gentry. 

3. book/remote basket on the coffee table.
thank you thrift store for the $1.00 price tag. 

4. kitchen chalkboard.
thank you hobby lobby for the scratch and dent clearance aisle, and camp war eagle for the "joy" cheer that has made it's way to this board. 

5. picture frame collage in living room.
thank you goodwill for 50 cent frames and colorful spray paint for the re-vamp. 

6. owl drawing in my room.
thank you talented fiance for your sweet art skills. 

7. butter dish.
thank you tj maxx for your cheap prices. 

8. little owl friend. 
thank you sweet old lady at a garage sale that decided that you didn't need this anymore. this little owl has made its home a-top of my bookshelf. 


  1. The apt looks completely different from the first day you guys moved in. Love the new decor. I think its time for a movie/maybe laguna beach or something entertaining marathon in your cute little living room. =)

  2. 9. [insert a picture of me on your couch with a cupajoe in muh hand]

    thank you elizabeth for being the final touch this apt needed.

    [this is happening really soon. i love you, chels. so proud of all you do]


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