Friday, September 24, 2010


recently i've been in a funk. or a slump. i couldn't decide which word fits my situation better, but for all intensive purposes, we'll use the word funk from here on out. 

i've been in one of those funks where i have so much to do and so much swimming inside of my head that i haven't wanted to do a single thing. and then that just adds and more and more to my "to do" list (i love a good to do list) which in turn sends me back into this awful cycle of doing nothing and blah-ness and, well...a funk. 

and with this funk has come a slump in my blogging. i have come up with a zillion blog posts in my head over the past couple of days full of great stories, ideas, and projects. but as soon as i sit down to type everything out...poof! it's gone. 

posts that include things like...

the weekend that a puppy named bandit came to visit...

the time that my roommates and i decided to "burn" all the wax out of our ears and our current obsession with homemade remedies...
{uggg, i know. but these little suckers work!}

my current favorite blog that has left me inspired to add more color to my life, start an inspiration journal, and turn all the letters ever written to me into throw pillows. 
seriously, she's so so cool!

and that's just a glimpse of everything that i have been dying to blog about. 

but then that darn funk hit me. and here i am now, thinking of all the little things swimming around in my head but unable to spill them all out. 

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