Wednesday, May 12, 2010

one more reason i am in love with target.

yesterday while browsing through target we found them. THEM. the perfect bridesmaids dresses. i nearly fainted from excitement when i saw these dresses. they're perfect for our laid back style wedding.  i have been searching everywhere for the perfect gray dresses only to hit road blocks everytime. i've learned that gray is tricky, it's usually either really dark or really light. we went to david's bridal yesterday and my options were either dark gray or silver. no, no, no, not what i wanted.

best part of these dresses? i got all five dresses for the bridesmaids for less than the cost of one dress that i originally was going to get. hallelujah!!

if you're planning a wedding, look at some department stores for dresses. i never really thought about going anywhere but a bridal store for the dresses but it's a much cheaper route with lots and lots of options.

imagine these dresses with cute light yellow flats or heels. yes, yes, yes!!

1 comment:

  1. oh, that dress is super cute! i may have to go the department store route myself. congrats on getting a huge decision made!!


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