Friday, May 14, 2010

project one.

as i've posted several times previously, i couldn't wait to get home for the summer and have ample time to sit down and sew and create fun new projects from different fabrics. well, i wasn't taking into account that my sewing machine was slightly ancient and more or less eats the fabric rather than sews it. frustration ensued. i've had my eye on a new brother machine for awhile now and, lo and behold, i found it used on craigslist monday night! i picked up the machine on tuesday and have been enjoying every minute with my new friend. 

i have been wanting to create a cute tote bag for quite awhile now. i love love love big bags that allow you to throw nearly anything into. the requirements for my bag had to be as follows: large. sturdy. cute. i found some wonderful fabric that i immediately fell in love with at hobby lobby and couldn't wait to get started. but, as i was wondering the aisles of hobby lobby (aka, what i think heaven may be like), i stumbled upon the canvas bag section which just so happened to be 50% off. i found the perfect sized heavy duty bag for $2.50. i decided that since this was my first project, i could just add some details to this bag first so that i can get the hang of using my new machine and the move on to making my other bag next. i was pretty pleased with the outcome!

these flowers are quickly becoming one of my new favorite things. they're super easy, cute, and can be used to embellish anything. all you have to do is do a running stick through a strip of fabric, draw it up once you reach the end, shape it into a flower, and then hand sew it all together. i gathered a small piece of fabric for the middle of this one but i've done some with buttons in the middle that turned out cute as well. i even made one to attach to my dogs collar this morning. i think it made her feel pretty. 

word of warning: sewing on these bags isn't as easy as you would think. maneuvering the bag through the machine is a bit awkward. i'm sure a more experienced sew-er would have no troubles, but if you're a beginner like me and want to try this out, don't get too frustrated with trying to get the bag situated in a position that allows you to sew. 

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