Thursday, May 27, 2010


because i don't begin working for the summer until june, i've had lots of time on my hands to work on projects, visit little shops, and simply enjoy a break from the busy-ness. i've absolutely fallen in love with my new sewing machine. i love being able to create something in my head, execute it, and be left with a fun, adorable product.

i've gotten into a little routine of getting a vanilla dr.pepper from sonic at 2pm and then dedicating the rest of the day to sewing projects. the other day while i was at hobby lobby, i found some burlap material on sale and decided to create a project with it. i ended up making a little wallet-ish project.

i loved the yellow leafy fabric so much that i decided to make an apron using it later on that night.

i've had a few people ask me about buying bags, etc. from me. i couldn't believe people want to buy my stuff! so anyways, i'm currently contemplating starting an etsy shop. i decided that it might be a good way to make a little extra money to go towards the wedding. but in the mean time, i'm just content sewing little projects with my vanilla dr.pepper every afternoon. 

next project i'm tackling: headbands!


  1. I'm so impressed with that clutch. So cute. I love days I can dedicate to projects.

  2. you are sew adorable! :)
    you should just do that for a living...who needs an education? ;)

  3. you should definitely open an etsy shop i would totally buy that clutch!!! its too cute!!

  4. You're cute. And so is your clutch.

  5. Real cute Chels! I would definitely buy your stuff!


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