Saturday, May 22, 2010

spreading joy.

i have so many favorite blogs that i like to keep up with that my bookmarks on my computer are beginning to get a little out of hand. i think it's time that i do a little organizing and categorizing to keep myself sane. 

one of my favorite blogs is called "whatever". an incredibly talented and creative mom of 5 shares her day-to-day adventures of raising children all while doing so in a fun, creative, colorful way. i just love it. and i hope that one day i can be a mom that is just as fun and creative as she is. 

on this particular blog the author keeps a list of her favorite things that she has come across on the internet. she updates it nearly every day and, i have to say, it's one of my favorite things when i start going through my blog list daily.

this was a post from the katherine marie photography blog that was included on the favorites list last week. love love love:
the idea behind “card drops” is to leave something for a stranger—it could be a kind word, encouraging note or exact change to buy treat. 
“The smallest act of kindness
is worth more than the
greatest intention.”
—Oscar Wilde—
Every act of kindness counts.
Don’t have time for a card drop?  YOU could—
Buy a candy bar for a gas station attendant.  
Hold a door.
Drop a dollar in the toy isle (on purpose!).
Leave change in a soda machine. 
cute, huh? 

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  1. That blog is amazing.. And I'm just the same with my crazy bookmarking, my boyfriend just doesn't get it!
    PS Love little random acts of kindness, makes you and the recipient feel so warm and fuzzy!


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