Wednesday, July 21, 2010

catching up.

this week:
1. i have been working photography and around the world camp. this week i have "visited" australia, china, and africa so far. it's so fun to watch the kids learn new phrases in different languages. fun and entertaining. next week is my last week of's gone by so so fast! 

2. i have enjoyed lots of catching up with friends. today i got to enjoy a yummy red velvet cupcake and a cup of coffee with my sweet friend elizabeth. she's at a "shift" in life and we had lots of catching up to do. one thing i love about elizabeth: her laugh. i left thanking god for her sweet laugh. 
this evening zach and i got to have dinner with our friend chad. i think i laughed for 95% of our dinner. chad is pretty indescribable but so fun to be around. 

3. i have prayed and thought a lot. recently a close family friend was diagnosed with cancer and the situation has gotten worse very quickly. over the passed week i have had this heavy feeling in me and i can't quit thinking about our sweet friend that is experiencing so much pain right now. i realize that all i can do is pray for her health, her family, and her sense of peace as she goes through this. i keep telling myself that we serve a god that is bigger than cancer. 

4. i have realized that summer has absolutely flown by. it's nearly august and i have no idea where my summer has gone. i am so not ready to start schoolwork yet...yuck!

5. i have had no time for projects. my project list is beginning to pile up, but between work, catching up with friends, and catching up on sleep, my little projects have had to take a backseat. but i have lots of ideas swimming around in my head that will hopefully soon be placed into reality. 

6. marks another week off of the wedding countdown. we're at 10 months to go!

7. i have missed a lot of my friends a whole whole bunch. and even though i'm not ready for the school work to start piling up quite yet, i'm so ready to see some of these cheerful faces on a regular bases:


  1. I am so behind on your blog and your life. I miss you and I love you dearly. :)

  2. Little Chelsea,

    Please come back soon. I'm lonely and need poop noodles.

    Yours Truly,

    Little Derek

  3. also, remember, it has to be something manly that you make.


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