Friday, July 9, 2010

friday favorites.

1. rainbow cupcakes. 
ever since meg over at "whatever" posted the recipe idea for rainbow cake, i have been wanting to try them out! and with zach's birthday this wednesday and my new pyrex bowls at hand, i had no excuse not to go ahead and whip these little goodies up.

2. she&him.
she&him has been on my ipod playlists for...well, a long time now. individually i love both zooey deschannel and m.ward, but collaboratively they're 1000 times better. august 29th they will be at a music festival in st.louis called loufest. i would really really really love to go. 

3. project sneak peaks. 
my etsy shop is about to get lots of fun new additions. here are a few teasers of what's to come.

happy friday!


  1. i might need that recipe. but only if you come to my house and bake them with me. :) or i come to you.

    my roommate works at bliss cupcake cafe in town. i think we need to go there too.

    honestly, i just want to see you. no matter where it is.

  2. 1. Those look delicious and very psychedelic. We should make them for our hills watch party. Wait, no one watches that anymore. Jon and Kate plus eight? Oh crap... Too soon.
    2. She&him=roadtrip for your birthday?!?!
    3. Cute. Cute. Cute. I pretty much want to order everything. You are the next Vera!


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