Friday, July 30, 2010

friday favorites.

1. jewelry making. 
i've been searching through different etsy shops lately and seeing all of the sweet dainty jewelry that so many have listed. so may times i have been tempted to purchase some of these little treasures but i couldn't get myself to buy something that i might be able to make. tuesday i made a trip to hobby lobby and found myself lost in the jewelry making aisle. i found a couple sweet little charms that were exactly what i was looking for. and to top it all off, everything i bought was 50% off! ah, hobby lobby, you have my heart.

i ended up making a pair of earrings and a small necklace. total cost for both: $4.07
[pictures to come...i'm experiencing a little technical difficulty with my card!]

2. broadway plays. 
i am so so so so so excited because tonight we get to go see "beauty and the beast" performed at our local arts center! beauty and the beast was my favorite disney film growing up and i've always wanted to see it performed live. yaaay! i can't wait!!

3. playlists. 
i love playlists. i make a playlist in itunes, wear it out, and then create another. here's what this week's playlist has looked like:
  1. quelqu'un m'a di- carla bruni
  2. valentino- diane birch
  3. tighten up- the black keys
  4. just you and me- zee avi
  5. mushaboom-feist
  6. click, click, click, click- bishop allen
  7. the honey tree- mostar diving club
  8. today has been okay- emiliana torrini
  9. chasing pirates- norah jones
  10. hey na na- katie herzig
  11. you make it real-james morrison
  12. baby boomer- monsters of folk

have a lovely weekend and enjoy the company of those close to you. 
ps- thank you all of the sweet words, thoughts, and prayers. each means a lot to me and all effected by this sudden passing. 

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