Monday, August 30, 2010

twenty-one years.

in honor of my 21st birthday, my friends and i decided to venture to a nearby town and go on a wine tour and do a little wine tasting. all of us recently turned 21 and know very little about wine, so we decided we would learn a little bit through this experience. 

this particular town houses four different vineyards and wineries. on the way there we ended up getting lost and found ourselves in the middle of one of the vineyards. and even though we weren't suppose to be there, it was so so pretty! 

once we got there we enjoyed our tour and learning about how wine is made. and even though i'm not a fan of wine, it was a fun way to spend my birthday afternoon with sweet friends. 

saturday evening we all went out for dinner and ice cream. after we loaded up on sugar, the boys insisted on riding go-carts. boys will be boys, huh?

if i have learned anything in my 21 years of life, it's to enjoy little moments. even if those moments include watching 23 year old boys ride go-carts like 9 year olds. 


  1. Happy Birthday! Sounds like such a fun day. Hope this year is awesome for you!

  2. Love this. Happy birthday-- sounds like you had an awesome day :)

  3. We should celebrate your birthday with go karts every day!


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