Tuesday, June 22, 2010


notice anything different? or should i say notice that everything is different here now! zach has been working over the passed two days to give this blog a complete facelift...i love it! i decided that since the focus of this blog has shifted to all of the crafting and sewing associated with the knotted needle, it was appropriate to rename this blog to fit. "faith and compromise", the original name of this blog, came from a song from matt wertz. there was no big meaning behind the name, just the fact that i liked the song and the lyrics. while i still enjoy matt wertz, i thought that it was time for a little blog revamp. and i must say, i'm loving it! we're working on more changes so keep checking back.

and in memorandum of the old name, a tribute by matt wertz:

enjoy the new view!


  1. Make sure you don't forget to include wedding updates with the craft updates

  2. :( I was not able to see the previous face...but I love love the banner and name! Following you now, kind lady. Have a wonderful weekend! :D


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