Monday, June 21, 2010


if you haven't visited the you are my fave blog, you probably should jet on over there. it's definitely one of my faves and when i saw that the following was listed as a favorite of the day, i was pretty excited. 
i definitely think i need this to hang above my sewing area. what are the chances zach might let me hang this in our future living room? hah. 

another favorite that i ran across while blog surfing was the pleated poppy. if you visit her site, you'll soon see that lindsey is creative and inspiring. i instantly fell in love with this top that she so bravely made:
so, i bet you can guess where this is heading. yes, i'm venturing on to clothing and am going to attempt to re-create this shirt. the smart thing for me to do would be to buy a pattern for this shirt, follow it, and come out with a cute shirt like lindsey's. but, i'm going to do it the hard way without a pattern and see how it goes. yes, i'm cheap, lazy, and just really ready to dive into this project. let's hope i don't go crazy before it's all said and done!

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