Monday, June 28, 2010

pictures in june.

this weekend was really great. mine and zach's friend from college, danielle, came up for the weekend to spend some much needed time with us. we had a fun time exploring fayetteville all day saturday. we began by stopping by the farmers market which  i absolutely love. there's tons of people, lots of live folk-y music, beautiful flowers, colorful fruits, precious furry friends, and other fun, cheery things. after the farmers market we hit up target, chick-fil-a, the mall, and hobby lobby. the perfect combination for a lovely saturday!

zach and i have been working on our wedding website lately. the only problem was that we had very few pictures taken together that would be worthy of going on our site. so, saturday evening we ventured out to have danielle take a few pictures of us to use. 

having pictures taken of me is just not my thing. i love having photographs around and i enjoy taking pictures of others, but having mine taken is just not one of my favorite things. back in the fall i won tickets to see taylor swift off of twitter so zach and i got to go watch her concert in little rock. afterwards we talked about how it was a good performance but she seemed a little she didn't know what to do with her arms or something. well taylor, i feel your pain. that's exactly how i felt during these photos: awkward and unsure of what to do with myself. 

but the good news is that i think we got a couple of good shots to put on our site and our "for real" engagement pictures aren't until this fall. maybe by then i'll get over my picture anxiety!

although the site isn't completely done, you can visit our site here:

ps- i've got lots of projects ready to finally be placed in the shop! check back later this week for the opening of the shop!

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  1. oh! i gotta know where he got the canvas! i love the saying - i think i need it tattooed someplace i'll see it all the time =) thanks for stopping by and entering our giveaway! you are adorable! and i LOVE LOVE LOVE your pictures!!


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