Thursday, June 3, 2010

necklaces, headbands, etc.

i've been trying to savor the passed few days because come monday, it's back to the working world. i love my summer job because it is extremely flexible, laid-back, and fun. BUT, it doesn't provide me with a sewing machine so i felt like i better get as much done as possible while i still can. 

yesterday i found an old fake-pearl necklace that was extremely long. i don't think i have ever worn it, so i decided to do a little snipping and sewing to create a new look out of the necklace. 

i had my sister lindsey model one of the necklaces for me. she really didn't want to me post this picture...but i just think she looks too cute, so i couldn't resist! shhh!

other projects that i've been working on:



i have a few little details to add to this bag before it's completely finished, but it's almost there!

i have a feeling that even though i'll be working, i'll still make time for these little projects. 

ps- the etsy store is almost up! hip-hip-hooray!

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  1. Those necklaces are too cute! The flowers are such a darling touch. :)


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