Saturday, June 12, 2010

order up.

whew! between work, beginning my online summer class, dinners with friends, visiting family, and taking care of my mom who recently had hand surgery, i haven't had much time to create very many new projects or post pictures of what i have made this week. 

last week i received my first order! my sweet friend amanda contacted me and placed an order for two bags: one for herself and one for a friend that is getting married soon. i was so excited to get started on this project!

i met with amanda last week so that she could pick out the colors for her bags. she picked out the cutest color combos! 

thanks amanda! i hope you enjoy carrying and giving these bags away as much as i enjoyed making them!

last weekend zach and i ran across some old wooden windows. i have big plans today to redo one of them and turn it into a bulletin board frame to place above my sewing area. 

hopefully i'll have a cute new bulletin board to share with you next time!

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