Wednesday, August 11, 2010


every time i sit down to blog, i'm reminded of the death of my camera card reader and the lack of pictures that my blog post will have. but i finally broke down and ordered a new one last night from amazon and hopefully i'll be back to adding pictures to posts in 3-5 business days. 

and because i'm without pictures to post, i thought i would list a few of my favorite blogs at the moment. if you're like me, you are constantly stumbling on new blogs to read and follow. my bookmark menu is getting ridiculously full these days. 

1. gussy has a lot to say {and sew}
maggie, the brains behind the ruffle-y gussy products, is just really wonderful. a couple of years ago she decided that she wanted to learn to sew, checked out a stack of books from the local library, and went at it. before long she was sewing away and soon started her own business. and now she's doing it full time!! ah, how great is that?! her signature look is her ruffle and it is incredibly cute. not only does maggie share her products with her readers, she shares what's going on in her daily life and business tips on her blog. ahhh, i just really love this blog!
visit gussy here

do you ever stumble onto a blog and it's just so cheery and fun? well, if you haven't then you can click this link and find that cheerful joy in meg's blog. i love reading about her day, seeing what inspires her, and looking at the beautiful jewelry that she creates. it's really wonderful. trust me. 

some of meg's sweet little earrings. 
you can visit meg here

so here's the deal, lets say this really cool girl decided to start writing letters to her husband, her family, co-workers, and nearly anyone or anything else. not just normal letters, mind you, but short little sentences capturing her very thoughts perfectly. and there you have the concept of "today's letters". i started reading this blog after my friend elizabeth posted about it and how much joy is brings her. and believe me, it will bring you joy. quirky, lovely, genuine joy. 

blog tagline:
"there are many things that can change a life. a letter is one of them."
visit today's letters here


  1. hey girl! thanks for this :]

    praying you have a wonderful day!

  2. awww you are too sweet! thanks so much for this. it makes me smile :)

  3. This post was really awesome and I loved the bloggers that you highlighted. Thanks for sharing great bloggers! :D

  4. :) i'm so glad that you started reading today's letters, too. we need to get together soon.

    and is it weird that i feel closer to you knowing we both blog? haha. i love you, cady. so stinkin' much.


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