Friday, August 20, 2010

friday favorites.

1. 72 hours. 
in 72 short hours i will finally be reunited and living in a little apartment with these two cuties.  
to say the least, i'm pumped. 

2. amy butler wallpaper. 
amy butler has done it again. she's stolen my heart by creating beautiful patterns, this time in the form of wallpaper. ugh, i love this.

oh my, i really love this pattern. 
3. norah jones. 
dear norah, thank you for making beautiful music that inspired me to finally get busy on making pillows for my new room. {pictures of the pillows to follow!}

happy friday friends!


  1. Amy Butler is my kind of rock star! How fast you've grown up. Glad I found your blog (totally by accident!) I didn't realize you were a blogger! Come see me (either in person or on my blog!) I've missed you!

  2. oh my gosh, do the wall paper- its amazeballs.


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