Monday, August 9, 2010

monday monday.


  • i was suppose to get up and run. didn't happen. 
  • i spent the morning in my pj's drinking coffee. 
  • i visited the library. 
  • i organized my closet. 
  • i substituted my usual vanilla dr. pepper for water. (pats self on back)
  • i visited with a sweet friend over yummy chips&salsa. 
  • i ran into another sweet friend at the local coffee shop. yay for small towns!
  • i began to mentally prepare myself for school starting back up. 

and today i am thankful for my family, my friends, and the love i receive from them. 

ps- i've come to the realization that poppies are my favorite flowers. how pretty is this poppy field?! i wish i could take an afternoon nap in it. 


  1. Awe. I miss small towns. Love poppies too. They are quite beautiful. Glad your Monday went well and hope the rest of your week is lovely! :)

  2. I did your first task for you...but ate it on my driveway. just some scraps on the knee and some slight bruising, but i'll be thinking of you on my run tomorrow, wishing i was still in my pjs sipping coffee with you!


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