Wednesday, August 18, 2010

pillow love.

next week is the big week: move-in week. 

everyone will be unloading their cars and loading up their rooms in preparation for the new school year. and what do i have on my mind right now? pillows. 

this year i will be living in an apartment with 3 other girls. i'm so so so excited! a couple of weeks ago i purchased a plain white down comforter with the intentions of making different pillows to go on my bed. the problem: i'm having a little trouble coming up with inspiration for my pillows. i've realized that making pillows is definitely not one of my favorite things to sew on. 

and while i sit here with a mental block for my own pillows, i'll share a few pillows that were created by others who obviously weren't having my problem. 


  1. What pretty pillows! Have you found any inspriation yet?? A white down comforter sounds divine all by itself!

    Happy Moving!

  2. I love the circle ones...and guess who has a date next week???


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