Friday, August 20, 2010

guest blogger. chad hall.

so, i have this friend. his name is chad. if you don't know chad in person, he's a hard person to describe. i can only hope that you have someone like chad in your life. every time that we hang out with chad i always end up with a stomach ache from laughing so much. 

anyways, whenever we hang out, chad is constantly saying "chelsea, is this going to make it on the blog!?"  so, last night as we were enjoying our ice cream after our weekly dinner date, i asked chad "chad, do you just want to do a guest blog post for me?" his face instantly lit up. 

and so, without further ado, i give you chad:

Xing Ped? by Chad Hall

This summer has been, well different.

In case anyone is wondering, I have taken over the blog, affectionately known as The Knotted Needle. Really, I am just writing this one blog post for today. The one you all love, Chelsea, will be back very soon… I am guessing she will have to do some kind of “let me follow up with this blog post, because some of you may be really really confused after you read it kind of post”. 

I started a blog once, but I failed at it and deleted it, because I could never think of anything to write about. I always felt like what I thought was cool, was kind of like...well, boring.

I can assure you that before I wrote this, I looked at about 20 blogs just to see what people talk about, and there are some weird people out there. I came across a blog that was devoted to this woman’s cat. Meet Phoebe. If you would like to read more, visit…

I also thought about writing what Chelsea, Zach, and have done, but Chelsea has that covered right here. So why would we want to read that twice? However, I will let you see what we look like!

I think what you might be interested in is that sometimes I just flat say things I do not mean to say, they just come out of my mouth.  For example,   last night we were driving down the road, we had just left Buffalo Wild Wings in Har-Ber Meadows, this place reminds Chelsea of Central Park… I just agreed with her, it was a whole lot smaller… and kind of looked like it, I guess, anyway… I was driving, and all of sudden out of my mouth came… Xing Ped, what the heck… Somebody that works for a street department must have been really confused… painted right there on the road it was as backwards as it could be… somebody could be really confused by that, maybe they need to fix it. I mean, come on, Har-Ber Jones, I shortened it for effect as celebrities always do, have plenty of money to get right on that. 

Also, I guess I was really excited about something, and again out of my mouth, to the laughter of Chelsea and Zach, I said. Oh The Knetted Nodle, I really don’t know you would spell that, but I said it… and to think, I have a degree in Communications.     

This has been a great summer, Little Chelsea will go back to her great college town, ha, of Russellville on Sunday for her last semester, and that will leave all sorts of adventures I guess for Zach and myself.

I am ok with blogging as long as it is like this, where I only have to do one every now and then, if anyone would like me to be a guest blogger for your blog, please feel free to contact me.  I promise I will write something different for yours. I do and say a lot of dumb things, so I am sure I could conjure something up.

I was reading the newspaper the other day, and all of a sudden, I see a word I have heard but never written out. “COJONES”. It is Spanish, and I looked it up… please do the same… I think you will be surprised what people are saying when they are using it.

Well, I guess I need to go, my office sits next to a door that leads outside, and sometimes I think people leave it open on purpose to annoying the heck out of me, and I need to close it. 

If I were famous I would end by saying, come see me perform live at some crazy theater, but really you will just have to come see me in Fayetteville at my apartment.  Please call before you just show up!                                                                              


  1. haha, oh Chad, what a funny guy... He should start a blog.

  2. Oh Chaddy! :) How I love you!!!
    You always manage to crack me up! :)


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