Thursday, August 5, 2010

lazy thursday.

i have dubbed today "lazy thursday". seeing as though it's 1:30 in the afternoon and i'll i've seemed to accomplish today is bathing myself and drinking 3 cups of coffee, i think this day deserved the title. and besides, it's raining outside, something that we haven't seen in this part of the country is quite some time. rainy days are meant to be spent cuddled up with a good book or watching a good movie. or at least that's how i'm justifying my laziness today.

so, i had this big post all ready to go for today. i was going to tell you about cheap long-lasting nail polish that i have found, my current obsession for making earrings, and the new dress form that i snagged earlier this week. i was all ready to go, all i had to do was upload and edit all my pictures. i plugged in my card reader....and....nothing. it won't work. blah!! so here i am with a picture-less post, which i hate hate hate. so, i'll keep working on the pictures and cross my fingers that i can get them uploaded.

ps: i wish i were spending my lazy thursday in this room
{photo via you are my fave.}

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  1. i need to know about this cheap long lasting nail polish. i just bought some not so cheap long lasting nail polish. hot pinkish red at that! what got into me....


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