Friday, August 6, 2010

friday favorites.

1. cheap nail polish (that lasts!)
if there's one thing that i really love, it's nail polish. but if there's one thing i really hate, it's paying a lot for nail polish, especially when it doesn't last. uggggh. but i've seemed to have found the answer: sinful colors. you can find this brand at walgreens and it's only $1.99! yay!! i have really thin nails and i can never find a polish that stays on for more than a day without chipping...but these little babies are like magic. i'm going on 4 days and not a chip yet!

i would highly recommend "boogie nights", "soul mate", "gogo girl", and "folly". nail polish colors always have such silly names.

2. diy-home face scrub.
i ran across a blog the other day dedicated to at-home beauty secrets. one tip that was shared was a recipe for a lemon-sugar facial scrub. all you have to do is put some lemon juice on a cotton ball, dip the cotton ball into a little sugar, and then scrub away! i tried this out last night and it made my skin so so soft! using a scrub gets rid of dead skin and extra dirt left by sweat and make-up. i think i'll make this part of my daily routine!

3. new glasses. 
i few months ago i found an online store for optical glasses that are cheap cheap cheap. i've been searching high and low for green glasses and i finally found them here. i ordered a red pair and a green pair. hopefully they'll be here soon...and they'll be all i've imagined them to be. 

there are lots and lots of cute, cheap glasses over at the zenni optical website!

happy friday friends!

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