Monday, August 16, 2010

earrings galore.

so, i have this problem: i'm really bad about getting stuck in a creativity rut. i make something and then that's all i think about; creating that exact project in different ways. 

for example,
lately i've been stuck on earrings. i've never been an "earrings person"- i've always been the simple pearl stud wearing girl. but for some reason, fun little earrings have been calling my name lately.

and i responded to that call by whipping up the following:

      and this is just a glimpse into this recent obsession. oh dear, have i gone earrings crazy?

and because i enjoy making these little treasures and i can only wear one pair at a time, i decided to add these as an item in my etsy shop. like a style but want a different color? well, more than likely, i have it! {seriously, i've made a lot of these!}


  1. i love i am going to have a few orders for you when we are reunited! :) i can't wait...and i can't believe summer is over. we're getting old too fast...

  2. Hi there! Thanks for following my blog! Always so nice to meet a new friend :) I love your blog too and your shop is so great. I have linked you in my sidebar so I can follow along with your adventures and insights!

  3. Those earrings are adorable! I'm headed to your shop now to check them out.


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